Treat in antiseptic

To treat wooden products in anti fungal liquid or antiseptic is a good option when there is no possibility to dry them.

When treated in antiseptic wood is safe from blue stains, rot and is not attractive to any insects that may harm it.

To treat wood in antiseptic is cheaper than drying it in kilns, however there should be a strict procedure and time that wooden products have to spend in special liquid to receive the protective layer.

To be able to treat our products in antiseptic and be sure that it has spent required amount of time in it, a special bath was constructed and installed at our manufacturing (see the photos above).

It is more than 6 meters long thus it is possible to treat almost all popular sizes of wooden products.

The bath is equipped with a hydraulic press and a software to measure the exact time that the boards have spent in antiseptic.

After the products are treated they are stacked in piles to dry with a natural air.

Great for you

There are some significant reasons to use our service for treating your products in antiseptic:

  • We do not do it manually, but do it automatically.  By this we reduce the chance to a minimum that any of the products will not get enough time to soak the antiseptic and spoil afterwards.
  • We are able to handle almost all the popular sizes of the products — up to 6 meters, and make sure all of them will be treated in the same manner.
  • You will receive back your products at the shortest. This will be achieved by not spending less time in the liquid, but due to the automated process where human factor is minimized.
  • Because we have optimized the process as much as possible you will receive best quality for a competitive price.

Having the opportunity to use our professional service you do not have to make your own investments in organizing this process.

So there is a great benefit for you!

Contact us and our team will be happy to find a best solution for you.