Trading opportunities

Perhaps service is not the best word to describe this opportunity, but this is equally important to manufacturing or any other services that we provide.

During the time we are in «wood» business we have built a broad network of our clients and partners around the globe.

Needless to say that we receive a great amount of requests of any complexity and not all of them we can complete at our manufacturing.

That is why we sell not only our products but also products of our partners.

By «trading» service we invite our potential partners or clients to send us their offers and tell about their services and possibilities.

We will get to know each other, broaden our partnering network and work out opportunities for mutually beneficial collaboration.

Benefit for you

There are always options to sell your products on the better conditions than you sell them now.

Introduce yourself and we will be happy to jointly find better solutions for your products or services.

You will only benefit from this opportunity!

Make it happen

Contact us and send all the information about your company and description of products/services that you provide.

Looking forward to hearing from you!