You order — we do sawing

At our manufacturing we have installed the equipment in a way to receive maximum efficiency and minimum lead time in production. It allows us to provide own products of highest quality within optimal time frame.

Normally there are plenty of orders and we work at our full capacity to fulfill all of them on time.

However, we also offer to our clients and partners our sawing services to work with their raw material.

We do so to give a full load of work for our manufacturing and make sure there is zero idle time. Upon receiving the order, we schedule it at the shortest available date and make sure our clients receive their products on time.

In order to save initial investments and decrease any accompanying costs some wood processing plants have only few machinery to perform the job. Many of them have only one small band saws and cross cut saws. It is still possible to provide products of normal quality, but not very time efficient and with the risk to get «waves» in the end.

At our facility we have installed equipment to be used best for their part of the job. We have got: band saw, multi blade edger, timber cutter, slab recovery machine, cross cutting saws etc.

Band saw

Band saw is a multi function machinery which can be used to prepare half timber or even cut the log on unedged boards. Using this equipment it is possible to receive basic products of a quality depending on the brand and its configuration.

Usually we use band saw to get a half timber for further processing.

Multi blade edger

We have installed highly efficient and reliable multi blade edger of a well known brand «Mebor». Not only it cuts a half timber in boards within an eye glimpse it also provides an excellent quality while fulfilling its task in accordance with specified cutting parameters.

It is excellent equipment to received wooden boards and pallet components (pallet harvesting) of a highest quality.

Timber cutter

Timber cutter is a multi blade edger most efficient in cutting the log on timbers.

It almost excludes the possibility of «waves» and turns log in timber in no time.

It provides the best quality timber and saves much of a production time.

Slab recovery machine

In order to maximize our output the slab recovery machine was installed.

Bring your slabs and we will give you back the boards.

Great benefit for you

It is normal that sometimes you have the possibility to buy raw material at best price, but do not have the capability to process it within optimal time frame. Or store it. Or you have so much orders and plenty of raw material so you want to turn it in boards and sell them at the shortest.

In any of the mentioned options you benefit more when you sell the end product.

And if you do not have such opportunity now — you are welcome to contact us and jointly find the best solution of your requirement.