Kiln drying

Eventually any wooden product has to be dry in order to keep the required shape and condition for a long time.

Moreover it is more profitable to transport dry products than of a natural humidity.

While our own kilns are under construction, we use our partners kilns to dry our products.

As we offer a fully fledged service starting from bringing us a raw material and receiving a dry end products of a highest quality, we can offer a kiln drying service separately to use our partnering network and our scheduled time for using their kilns.

We have a big network of partners and some of them have their own kilns.

During our collaboration we have proved to be reliable partner and have established our own schedule and system to achieve maximum efficiency.

Due to a constant use of partners kilns and mutually beneficial collaboration we have got special conditions on drying of our products.

That is why our kiln drying service could be very good option for those who wants to receive their products without waiting a long queue and for the competitive price.

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