Our wood processing plant is considerably young — it was commissioned in 2015 and since then has successfully processed numerous amount of raw material producing end products of finest quality.

Even though the manufacturing is young, the idea to build it came much earlier. Land was purchased before 2008, but world crisis made our plans to be postponed for undefined time.

Meanwhile we were still involved in «wood» business mainly as traders and this is how we have built a wide network of our clients and partners. Establishing our own wood processing plant was inevitable next step.

In 2014 we started our construction of main production building and installation of the sawing machinery. In 2015 our own bath for treating boards in antiseptic has successfully started functioning.

We are striving to make our factory not just another sawing mill, but to install new and modern equipment, technologies and software to optimize all the processes to show maximum efficiency and best quality.

Our mission is to be modern wood processing plant with the ability to perform advanced processing of raw materials receiving end products of various complexity level.

Our vision is to become closed cycle plant where any waste is utilized in environment friendly way and maximizes overall efficiency and profitability.