Reliable wood processing services and high quality products. We are not just another factory. We are striving to make it exceptional.

Why us?

We got the tools

In our production we use new and highly efficient machinery of European quality and prominent brands.

Professional Team

We invest in our team. Machinery will not run without a qualified specialist.

Highest Quality

Combination of new technologies and experienced team provides products of top quality.

Competitive Pricing

Our efficient process optimization makes us competitive in pricing of products and services.

Trading opportunities

Broad partnership network allows us to provide any products as per your request.

Great Support

We always try to find the ways to make any request possible.

Featured Services


We provide sawing services. Bring your material and we will make products as per your requirement!

Kiln drying

Contacts us in case you need to kiln dry your products. We will find an optimal solution!

Treat in antiseptic

We’ve got a special bath for treating the boards in antiseptic. It is automated process minimizing human factor mistakes!


Become our partner and you will get more opportunities in trading of your products!